Energy Cleansing

Energy Cleansing

For your Home or Office

It can be very beneficial to cleanse your home or office of negative energy regularly. When you cleanse your environment of negative energy, you can finally experience tranquility and harmony in your life.

There are many different types of negative energy, just as there are many different types of remedies to correct the flow of energy. I use Palo Santo, Sage, Black Tourmaline, Salt, Crystals and essential oils depending on the situation. Green plants are also an incredible filter for negative energy. It is important for everyone to claim their space and music can also be helpful for many.

Here are simple ways to remove negative energy from the home or office.

  • Remove all clutter as soon as possible

Energy remains in objects, especially antiques and things that have been handed down or bought used. Older objects may cause spiritual blockages that prevent us from moving forward. Clear the clutter, and you’ll feel uplifted and lighter. It is a good way to shift energy quickly.

  • Burn some Incense

Incense helps elevate energy to create a calm and serene atmosphere.

  • Palo Santo or Sage Smudge Entire Home or Office

Palo Santa is a magical tree that grows in South America. The Shamans use it for cleansing and I have found it to be my favorite for smudging. Native Americans use sage to remove negative energy. I place Palo Santa in an abalone shell and blow out the flame. I go from room to room with sage or Palo Santo and let the smoke fill up the corners of the rooms. I start in the far corner and eventually end up at the front door, leaving the door open behind me to release the energy.

I also say a prayer silently as I move through the home or office. These techniques are extremely effective and beneficial.  When finished, I usually light white candles in the corners of the rooms to put back white light.

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