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Medium Readings

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I am a third-generation psychic. I have had the gift to connect with spirits, angels, and God all of my life. When you meet with a Psychic Medium to connect with a loved one that has crossed over, you will always receive a message that only you will acknowledge. This means that the medium is just the messenger and the client will truly know that the loved one is indeed there.

I had a paramedic/firefighter that came to connect with his grandparents. I was able to give him the names of both deceased grandparents. Sometimes a client is coming to connect with a certain loved one, but another loved one appears instead because the message is stronger and more important.  A good Psychic Medium is just the messenger that connects two different realms of our world and the other place where souls reside

The ability to connect with our spirit loved ones can bring healing, hope, and enlightenment.  Many times just being able to get closure and reassurance that our loved ones are fine on the other side can be enough to let go and move forward in life finally.

The reading allows clients to deal with grief and go on with life. Sometimes our clients also want to know that their deceased pets are okay.

It is important for a client to mentally prepare before coming in for reading  Being open to what they are about to receive and being clear about what it is they want and feel a need to know can be helpful. They can also connect with the guides that are assigned to them for this life and also to the angels for spiritual guidance. Consider this type of reading, a journey. The psychic medium’s job is to bring through the spirits and souls who choose to come forward.

Readings range from $100.00 to $200.00 based on length of time.

What We Offer

Our Plans
Shift your energies and guide your mind and body through a healthy space that keeps the negative thoughts at bay.
$100 / 30 minutes
Our astrological love horoscopes help you learn about love, romance, relationships and compatibility between signs.
$100 / 30 minutes
Remove the negative energy from your life by learning simple techniques and gain command over the correct flow of energy.
$100 / 30 minutes


For Entertainment purposes only

For Legal matters please consult an attorney or law enforcement.

For Medical concerns please consult a Health Professional or Physician.

Please be advised that no Psychic Healer reading can predict, forecast. diagnose, or predict information with absolute certainty
No guarantee or assurance of any kind are given and Stephanie Sosa will not be held accountable for any decisions or interpretations made by recipients based on information provided during readings.

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