First off Stephanie was accommodating and accurate and confirmed a lot in regards to my health, travel and relationships. My health was a number one priority to me and she confirmed and provided advice on moving forward in a healthier and more productive manner. All and all this was an amazing day experience that I would recommend to have to anyone who is seeking to confirm and or who just needs insight and direction….

Rachel Grim

Stephanie is brilliant, first and foremost. I’ve called her many times over the years, and she’s been direct, honest, and accurate each and every time. She connects with you very fast, with vivid clarity into your situation. Probably one of her best qualities is her ability to identify chronic illnesses (this will really blow you away). Recently I was battling a lingering medical issue that I couldn’t seem to shake, and Stephanie was able to pinpoint the problem and offer a solution with herbal vitamins and lifestyle changes. Safe to say your quality of life will improve drastically after spending just a few minutes with her. She is genuine and compassionate, the absolute best!

Courtney Fallon

Stephanie is amazing! She touts herself as a medical medium because that’s where she likes to focus but she is more than that. She is a medium (she talks to dead people!!), she sees things and she hears things from Spirit too. She predicted a date of when I would know when to make a decision and she was spot on! I have been in contact with her off and on since 2006. Highly recommended if you are looking for answers and clarity on any topic or situation.


Stephanie has been reading for me for three years now and she is amazing you won’t be disappointed. From channelling to medical intuitive she is five stars.

Illiannaval V.

Stephanie knows what she’s talking about . Be prepared with pen & paper cuz she’ll tell you a lot fast. And it’s all true. Especially health info. Listen to her – you won’t be sorry . I highly, highly recommend!

Patricia R.

Stephanie is the absolute best! I’ve called her many times over the years and she has been dead on accurate! She has told me things that I thought had no significance only to find out in coming days that she was right on the money! She will be direct and not waste your time. Have your questions ready and she will fly through them. Be sure to have something to write on when you talk to her because she will give you lots of info! Give her a try…you’ll be surprised how compassionate, funny, genuine and ACCURATE she is!

Sandra P.

Let me tell you first hand, this woman is brilliant. She read for me two years ago, and empathically picked up everything that was wrong with my body at the time. A kink in my neck, a bruise on my knee. I was blown away when she told me, then later she explained she specializes in illnesses. As for her readings, she’s about as accurate as it gets. Fast, doesn’t sugar coat anything. Don’t expect Stephanie to read your love life and tell you what you want to hear like so many other psychics in this world do….. she reads scenarios and connections perfectly, and will help you decide what’s right for you in your life! Agree with previous reviewer… have your questions ready because the time will fly. Be prepared to be blown away by what she tells you

Brighest I P.

Stephanie has been giving me reading since 2006. Extremely accurate. Very honest and authentic.

Delly D.


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Please be advised that no Psychic Healer reading can predict, forecast. diagnose, or predict information with absolute certainty
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